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Social Media

WebMage Will:
  • Assist you in managing your social media networks,
  • Register your Social Networks,
  • Set up your Social networks such as: Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube,
  • Integrate the Social Networks links into your website.

Have you thought about marketing your business through social media? Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube prove to be a great source of lead generation for businesses and can easily level the playing field. Your online client judges you not on your office space but what service or product you offer online.

It enables you to reach more customers quickly and in a different way than has ever been possible before. Social networking has worldwide reach. Social Media is also the cheapest, most powerful kind of marketing today for your business.

Social media is not the end-all, be-all of your business. It's not the magic bullet that will allow you to take a struggling business to the height of success simply by claiming your Twitter account. But what social media can do is make you a better company by allowing you to listen, react and build faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Social media is no longer restricted to teens or even adults under 30:

18-29 year olds

89% usage

50 to 60 year olds

60% usage

30-49 year olds

72% usage

65+ bracket

43% usage
Why social media marketing for your business?
  • 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  • 3 out of 10 people use social media to choose a product or service
  • Your social media presence gives trustworthiness to your business
  • Your social media audience are twice more likely to buy from you (than those who are not)
  • Social media is the new medium for word of mouth marketing
  • You can easily create your brand awareness through social media

Advantages of Social Networking:


Dialogue: You can start a dialogue with your clients and partners from your own website, establishing your own community with your own brand name. Perhaps people can come to chat with representatives of your business through office hours.

Visibility: Engaging in social media and blogging on a steady basis helps achieve constant visibility with your audience. By participating in conversations, sharing daily food for thought, and making yourself and your brand part of their day, you stay at the top of your potential clients mind.

Highlight your product: Social media offers an additional avenue to show off and talk about your product in a friendly and informal way. You get to highlight what you offer and what makes you awesome in normal conversation without coming across "salesy" or too promotional. You also have the opportunity to answer questions, show features and offer "how-to's" to help people get to know you a little better.

Network faster: Through Google+, Facebook or Twitter, I can have a conversation with Chris Brogan, Anita Campbell, Erika Napoletano and Jonathan Fields all before lunch. You can't buy that type of access. Luckily, through social media, you don't have to.

Decrease time to conversion: Do you know what happens when someone from social media lands on your site to make a purchase? They do it faster. They need less convincing, less hand-holding and less actual talking to you. They feel that way because they already know you. They read your blog, follow you on Twitter, get your deals via Facebook. You're not a stranger. You're their friend — someone they trust and feel comfortable doing business with.

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Find new projects & clients: Your social media presence can lead to referrals and leads. People will contact you on your social pages or via email requesting services or partnerships on something because they like what you are doing on Google+, Facebook or Twitter or because they read one of our blog posts and it resonated with them. When you make yourself part of the conversation, you make your brand part of the story...and people notice.

Build a community: By making yourself available, reaching out to customers and sharing information, you strengthen your community. You form new connections, allow community members to meet one another, and create a deeper dialogue by increasing the number of voices.

Hang with other influencers: They say we are the company we keep, right? Well, social media lets you be friends with the people your customers most look up to, helping to increase your own authoritativeness by association. You look smarter when you talk to smart people.

Tell your company's story: What has social media shown us? That people like to conduct business with companies they know. We like being introduced to the voices behind the logo because it helps us to feel a part of the company and invested in their success. By telling your company's story and sharing that with users, you create a personal feeling and make people invested in your success.

Be a mentor: You're not the only one using social media to network and meet people. So are others. And sometimes, you're the person they're trying to meet and the person they're learning from.

Develop better ideas: Armed with blogs, forums and social discussions you'll be able to try and get feedback on ideas before you spend any time developing them. You'll see what works, what people hate and what they want more of, so you can produce more of what interests them and less of what puts them to sleep.

Find partners: An offshoot of that "networking faster" thing is being able to find future partners, mentors or just really cool people to share resources with. Through social media and the world of blogging, you will be able to meet someone and eventually start a business or Franchise or collaborate with others on other projects.

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