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A website is the most important marketing component for an organization and it has become almost impossible for a company to get customers without a professional and appealing website.

Even people running small businesses or start-up companies want to have an effective online presence.

You look for an impressive, effective and successful website to raise your profile above your competitors.

A website's great appeal is also that it levels the playing field. No matter what the size of your company your website can compete with any other business.

WebMage will:
  • Register and host your domain,
  • Design a unique template or look for your website,
  • Create a customised new website or Revamp your existing website,
  • Submit your website to Search Engines,
  • Provide you with an email address/es,
  • Market your website online using Google AdWords,
  • web-servicesProvide you with a monthly Google Analytics report and assist you in analysing the results,
  • Provide you with a "Self Manage" website that you can update, edit and add to on your own or with a team,
  • Provide you with custom features for your website such as: Google calendar integration, photo galleries, restricted document access, custom forms and video galleries.

Some things to consider when planning a website:

There is one famous Chinese saying, "Cheat me in price, but not in the quality of the product I am buying". You should understand that if you compromise on your website, then you may have to compromise with your business popularity. So the quality of the website has to be good in all aspects, ranging from the site map to a seemingly simple feature such as the font size.

There is a lot of competition among small businesses. Make sure your website stands out by using a unique template or features. The site provides information about a product or services and should be easy to use and to navigate because visitors won't enjoy spending a lot of time learning about the functionality of the site.

Every business website should have a goal and every page on the website should have a purpose.

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